• Engineering Evalutaion Report

Engineering Performance Evaluation

• Product Identification
SSMA Nomenclature / Member Designation Material Standards and Design Notes

• Short Form Specification
Short Form Specification Member Selector Function

• Construction Span Tables
Header Span Charts for Interior and Exterior Applications at Various Deflection Limits

• Section Properties Charts
Gross Properties / Effective Properties
Engineering Design Data

• Uniform Design Load Tables
Uniform Load Data Stress Limits for both
Horizontal and Vertical Loads

• Member Selection / Installation
Instructions Selection / Distribution / Installation

• Door & Window Opening Details
Typical Framing Elevations ProX Header Details and Notes



Brady Innovations offers a full range of support services including a complete Architectural and Engineering Submittal Package containing: an evaluation report, product identification, design load tables, span tables, section property charts, horizontal and vertical uniform load charts, member selection, window and door detail drawings as well as complete installation instructions. You may also access our “Spec Data Sheet” developed by Reed Construction Data and Reed First Source Program. Visit www.ReedFirstSource.com and search for “ProX Header.” From your search results you can download the ProX Header SpecData Sheet, a 10-part technical data sheet and ManuSpec Sheet, a 3-part guide specification, both written in MasterFormatTM Standards. Also available are First Source CAD details hosted in DWF, DXF, DWG, and PDF formats.

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